Fairfield University in Dar es Salaam Tanzania

UNIVERSITY: Fairfield University
PROGRAM_NAME: Fairfield University in Dar es Salaam Tanzania
LOCATION: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

PROGRAM_DESCRIPTION: From the snows of Kilimanjaro, the great plains of the Serengeti, and the sandy beaches of Zanzibar, Tanzania is endowed with a spectacular natu­ral beauty. Slightly larger than the state of Texas, the country features a rich tapestry of peoples and cultures that stretch back hundreds of years and encompass dozens of different ethnic groups, religions, and historical traditions. The city of Dar es Salaam, the largest in Tanzania, is a teeming, coastal metropolis with a humid climate tempered by steady sea breezes. The nearest airport, Julius K. Nyerere International Airport (IATA Code: DAR), is serviced by several European, African, and Asian airlines. Continue reading

Fairfield University in Brisbane Australia

UNIVERSITY: Fairfield University

PROGRAM_NAME: Fairfield University in Brisbane Australia

LOCATION: Brisbane, Australia

PROGRAM_DESCRIPTION: Brisbane is the capital of the Sunshine State of Queensland and, with 1.1 million people, is Australia’s third largest city. Lying at the heart of the most diverse and popular vacation region in Australia, Brisbane has a subtropical climate with average highs of 70 degrees in winter and 85 in summer. The city’s imposing skyline rises above the Brisbane River, and its streets offer all the excitement of a modern cosmopolitan center: museums, cafes, shopping, and nightlife. While the city boasts ultra-modern high-rises, it has also preserved the charm of its 19th century architectural legacy. Brisbane is not only a vacation destination, it is a thriving commercial and cultural center. The city has so much to offer: beaches, river walks, gardens and wildlife parks with the country’s larg­est population of koalas. Excellent public transportation makes popular recreational destinations easily accessible. Moreton Bay, nearby islands and surf beaches are all within a few minutes. The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coasts are easily reached, too. West of the city, you can explore rain forests, national parks, bush lands, and vast lakes.

PROGRAM__HIGHLIGHTS: ACADEMICS Australian Catholic University (ACU) provides a low faculty-to-student ratio, unlike most large public Australian universities. You will be part of a friendly, small campus where you’ll have access to excellent student support services. Though founded as a Catholic college, ACU is a public university open to all, providing quality education. The Brisbane cam­pus, located in the suburb of Banyo, is 50 minutes from the city center and easily reached by public transportation. The campus has quality teaching facilities and state-of-the-art computer labs. Students will be awarded Fairfield credit and grades for work com­pleted at ACU. Grades will be reported on your transcript and will be computed into your Fairfield GPA. You can take a full load of three courses plus an internship while at ACU, and will earn 16 Fairfield University credits. Or, if you wish, you may take a fourth course instead of the internship and still earn 16 Fairfield University credits. Fairfield University, a Jesuit institution, is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

INTERNSHIP OPTION Internships are available to all students. This opportunity provides hands-on work experience and an immersion into the Australian workplace. Sample placements have included: Nudgee Beach Environmental Center, the MS Society of Queensland, Wesley Hospital, Golf Management News, Basketball Queensland, as well as law, financial planning, and marketing firms. Once your placement has been assigned, you will work in collaboration with the internship coordinator, a faculty sponsor, and a workplace supervisor to ensure a meaningful, quality internship.

16 Fairfield University undergraduate credits and grades
Onsite student support with 24-hour emergency coverage
Pick up at airport nearest campus
Living accommodations in shared apartments with cooking facilities
Orientation program
Access to all student services and facilities
Study skills assistance/tutoring
Internship option
Access to Fairfield University library resources online
Insurance, including full medical coverage and medical evacuation insurance

TYPE: Direct Enrollment



ELIGIBILITY: Sophomore Standing, 2.8 GPA


HOUSING: Apartments

COST: please contact your study abroad office

DEADLINE: October 1 (Spring), March 15 (Fall)

WHERE_TO_APPLY: https://fairfield.studioabroad.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgram&Program_ID=10007&Type=O

LEAD_CONTACT: fcongin@fairfield.edu

WEBSITE: https://fairfield.studioabroad.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgram&Program_ID=10007&Type=O

Fairfield University in Campos, Brazil

UNIVERSITY: Fairfield University

PROGRAM_NAME: Fairfield University in Campos, Brazil

LOCATION: Campos dos Goyatacazes, Brazil

PROGRAM_DESCRIPTION: WHY BRAZIL? Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world both in area and population and has the 7th largest world economy. It has a rich heritage derived from the Portuguese culture but also strongly influenced by African, Indigenous Amerindians, and non-Portuguese European cultures especially German and Italian. Brazil represents a unique culture within the context of its South American neighbors, which is reflected by its own language, Brazilian Portuguese. Campos dos Goytacazes, the third largest city in the state of Rio de Janeiro, is located about 3 hours northeast of Rio de Janeiro. Campos, as it is commonly called, is one of the most important commercial cities in the State of Rio de Janerio. Sugar cane is a major product of the region and the deep-water fields of the Campos basin form the largest Brazilian oil reserves. Thus, Campos’ nickname, “The Capital of Sugar and Oil” is justly earned. The beautiful tropical climate provides year round outdoor living and with the Brazilian Atlantic ocean beaches only thirty minutes away it is a perfect location to study and experience the Brazilian culture.

PROGRAM__HIGHLIGHTS: ACADEMIC OVERVIEW Students take courses at the Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense (UENF). Located in Campos, UENF was founded in 1993 and established as an innovative model formed around interdisciplinary laboratories and research centers. The Brazilian Ministry of Education listed UENF as one of the most highly ranked universities for its quality of programs, faculty, and student population. UENF classes are taught by highly qualified faculty, most holding the highest degree in their field, with strong research interests and credentials. Currently, UENF has 4,000 students. UENF’s focus on interdisciplinary science education includes 13 graduate programs and 17 undergraduate programs housed within four schools. Three of its four centers of academic excellence focus on various scientific disciplines while the fourth is centered on humanities and social science research. This semester-long program begins with an intensive immersion into the culture and environment of the Atlantic rainfore
st coast of Rio de Janiero state. With its development in agriculture, business, energy, and exports, the landscape is changing rapidly. After spending four weeks developing a level of comprehension of both written and conversational Portuguese, students will dive into their self-chosen
suite of courses that are intended to immerse them in the issues both positive and negative of the rapidly changing Atlantic coast ecosystem surrounding UENF. A wide range of classes from the UENF curriculum have been chosen to allow students to self design a challenging but incredibly rich experience under the tropical sun! Students will earn Fairfield University credit and grades, which will be reported on a Fairfield University transcript. Student may take up to 18 undergraduate credits.

– Five to six undergraduate courses at UENF -15-18 credits
– Intensive Portuguese language pre-course (starts four weeks before regularly scheduled classes)
– On-site student support with 24-hour emergency coverage
– Transportation to and from Rio airport
– Living accommodations in shared rooms with cooking facilities or host family accommodations
– Orientation program including excursions
– Social and Cultural Activities
– Brazilian Student Language Partner
– Volunteer Opportunities
– Health Insurance, including full medical coverage and medical evacuation insurance

TYPE: Direct Enrollment



ELIGIBILITY: Sophomore Standing, 2.8 GPA, 2 years of previous study in Spanish, French or Italian

CREDITS: 15-17

HOUSING: Apartments, Homestays

COST: Please ask your study abroad office

DEADLINE: October 1 (Spring), March 15 (Fall)

WHERE_TO_APPLY: https://fairfield.studioabroad.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgram&Program_ID=10083&Type=O

LEAD_CONTACT: fcongin@fairfield.edu

WEBSITE: https://fairfield.studioabroad.com/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgram&Program_ID=10083&Type=O

PAGE: http://www.jesuiteducationabroad.org/members/submit-program/
REFERER: http://www.jesuiteducationabroad.org/members/

Semester at Universidad Centroamericana

PROGRAM NAME: Semester at Universidad Centroamericana
PROGRAM LOCATION: Managua, Nicaragua

The program begins with a 3 week intensive Spanish language immersion course and an introduction to Nicaraguan culture. This pre-session includes a long weekend at a beach resort on the Pacific shore. For the rest of the semester, students take 4 courses from a wide range of UCA offerings. It is required that students take History of Nicaragua*, plus 3 electives: Continue reading