2015 SJU Summer Program in Greece

Summer Program in Greece

Study & Travel in: Athens, Santorini, Syros, Crete

Dates: May 20-June 22, 2015


PSY 100 Introductory Psychology with Dr. Patrick Garrigan

Course Description: How does a baby learn to walk, talk, and recognize her mother’s face? Why do we dream? What is stress, and how can you reduce the stress in your life? These are just a few questions that we will explore in Introductory Psychology.  Psychology is a broad discipline that investigates thought processes, feelings, and actions. Topics that will be covered in this course include: child development, motivation, memory, emotions, group dynamics, and psychological disorders. Studying abroad in Greece will give us the opportunity to examine first-hand how this unique culture influences human behavior. What psychological constructs are universal? When and why do we see cultural differences? Contents of this course have direct application to a number of related disciplines, such as: legal studies, teaching, marketing, business administration, biology, English literature, politics, and criminal justice. POL 321 Religion & American Politics with Dr. Francis Graham Lee Course Description: Religion and American Politics examines the unique role of religion in American public life, the legal-constitutional issues that arise, its effect on voting behavior, and future developments arising from the rise of Evangelicals, decline of Main Line Churches, and the transformation of the Catholic Church caused by the rise of the Hispanics.

Language of Instruction: English Credits: 3 credits per class Cost: Please contact Lindsey Martin at the Center for International Programs (lmartin@sju.edu) Deadline: February 1st, 2015 Where to apply: http://internationalprograms.sju.edu


Lindsey Martin Coordinator for Study Abroad Center for International Programs Saint Joseph’s University 5600 City Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131 T: 610.660.3461, F: 610.660.1697 Web: internationalprograms.sju.edu
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