Casa Argentina – Loyola Marymount University

PROGRAM NAME: Casa Argentina
PROGRAM LOCATION: Córdoba, Argentina

LMU’s signature program in Latin America is located in Córdoba, Argentina.  The first LMU study abroad program directly reflecting the Jesuit values and our institutional mission, “Casa Argentina” engages the Ignatian ideal of “well-educated solidarity” on all levels from the types of courses offered to the ways in which students are housed and engage with one another and with host country citizens.  In LMU’s “Casa Argentina” program, you will spend a semester immersing yourself in the complex social, political, historical reality of Argentina, learning to accompany those living on the margins, and challenging yourself to grow and develop as a person for others.

Originally designed by Santa Clara University, “Casa” programs are rooted in four “pillars”: Accompaniment, Academics, Community and Spirituality.  LMU’s Casa program offers a rare and transformative opportunity for students to experience praxis, community living, critical analysis and reflection, and spiritual formation in the dynamic city of Córdoba, Argentina.

All majors are eligible to participate. The program offers several upper-division core curriculum and major courses (e.g. Theology, Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Philosophy, etc.). Credits/units are recorded on LMU transcripts. While there is no minimum language requirement for this program and the language of instruction is English, participating students will need to have a basic level of conversational Spanish in order to participate in praxis community life.  Spanish language abilities will greatly aid in the immersion aspects of this program and as part of the required course load students will take Spanish language courses at the appropriate level.
A significant aspect of your Casa experience will include a field placement or “praxis site”.  In the praxis site, you will be placed within a small community where you will accompany and develop unique relationships with the local Argentine people.  Through this immersive learning environment, you will become more aware of and sensitive to the realities of those who are struggling to end social injustices. Your praxis site will be one of the most important aspects of your study abroad experience.

LMU’s Casa Argentina also collaborates with the Universidad Católica de Córdoba, which is the oldest private university in Argentina.  Founded in 1956 by the Jesuit Order, the traditions of educational excellence and service to others guide all UCC programs.  As a critical partner with LMU Casa Argentina, students will take coursework from both LMU and UCC faculty.  Additionally, UCC has over 9,000 students with whom Casa Argentina students can engage and learn.

Through the communal nature of the program, students will build strong connections with each other, the LMU and UCC faculty, and the local community of their praxis sites.  Included in the program fee is one group retreat within Argentina.

TYPE OF PROGRAM: Partially integrated at the Universidad Católica de Córdoba


Fall:  August – December
Spring:  January – May


ELIGIBILITY AND REQUIREMENTS: At least sophomore standing, 3.0 GPA (or the Program Directors’ approval)

CREDITS: 13-17 semester units

HOUSING TYPE: Another key element of this program is communal, simple living. Students will be housed in safe, but simple communal situations with one another. The housing costs are included in Program Fee.

PROGRAM FEE: Please contact your study abroad office for program cost.

FEE INCLUDES: Tuition, housing, partial meals (two meals per day typically), some transportation and a program-related retreat.

APPLICATION FORMS AVAILABLE AT: see contact information below.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Please see website.

LEAD CONTACT : Ajaya Jonas




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