2015 SJU Summer Program in Rome

Summer Program in Rome

Study & Travel in: Rome, Sorrento, Florence

Dates: June 29-July 28, 2015


PHL 355: Philosophical Issues in Christian Doctrine with Dr. Joseph Corabi

Course Description: The primary purpose of this course will be to investigate the internal coherence of Christianity–that is, whether we can make sense of Christian doctrine as a logically consistent body of claims about God, human beings, and the relationship between the two that “hangs together” in a plausible way.  As part of the course, we will visit a number of sites in and around Rome that have played a major role in the historical development of Christianity. ENG 449 Travel Writing: Rome with Dr. April Lindner

Course Description: In Travel Writing–Rome, we will use our travels in Italy as a lens through which to explore the elements of creative nonfiction in general and travel writing in particular.  The places we go, the people we meet, and the things we see and do along the way will provide the subject matter for your writing. You will keep a journal, do in-class invention exercises, and write three full-length travel essays.  We will also be reading travel memoirs as models of effective travel writing.  A large portion of our class will be spent workshopping, which means we read each other’s essays and give constructive feedback.  A portfolio of your revised writing will be due after the study tour is over.

MGT 120 Essentials in Management OR IBU 370 International Topics with Dr. Stephen Porth

Course Description: This course is an introduction to management and international business, focusing on the management functions of planning, leading, organizing and controlling. Contemporary theories, principles and practices of effective management will be discussed. The course will emphasize the macro (environmental) level of management and include the behavioral and micro levels as well. Since the course is taught in Rome, we will emphasize the European Union and especially Italy by exploring two interrelated issues: (1) the interpersonal, and especially cultural, dimensions of management in Europe and Italy, and (2) the strategic dimensions of managing in Europe and Italy. We will take advantage of our setting in Rome by visiting companies and government organizations in Italy as a way to understand the theory and practice of management.

ITA 306: The Roman Experience with Professor Fulvia Serra Eligible Students: ITA 202 level proficiency or above Course Description: The purpose of this course is to improve students’ oral and written command of Italian through an intensive full-immersion experience. The course is organized thematically around two main areas: issues in contemporary Italian society and Roman political and social landscapes. Students will read accounts of recent events that took place in Rome from 1945 to our days. They will also read daily newspaper articles on local cultural and social issues. While visiting the sites where the events took place students will be asked to comment on their observations both in writing and in group conversation. They will acquire a very personal appreciation of Rome and will formulate oral and written analyses on social, historical and political issues. This will allow them to create a spatial and visual connection with the extensive study of modern and contemporary Italian history that is part of their curriculum at SJU.

Language of Instruction: English Credits: 3 credits per class Cost: Please contact Lindsey Martin at the Center for International Programs (lmartin@sju.edu) Deadline: February 1st, 2015 Where to apply: http://internationalprograms.sju.edu


Lindsey Martin Coordinator for Study Abroad Center for International Programs Saint Joseph’s University 5600 City Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131 T: 610.660.3461, F: 610.660.1697 Web: internationalprograms.sju.edu
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