Spring Hill College Italy Center

PROGRAM NAME: Spring Hill College Italy Center

The human rights focus of the SHC Italy Center is anchored in academic based social justice travel. The program integrates traditional classroom learning (in English) with travels that expand one’s global perspective. During a term abroad students are able to traverse Europe’s great capitals; meet with immigrants; hear from business, religious and political leaders; witness firsthand how Italians are combating climate change; intern for a human rights agency; and discover Italy’s nooks and crannies – all while living in one of Europe’s consistently top rated university towns.

The program offers a selection of twenty courses throughout the academic year. Approximately seven courses per semester meet Spring Hill College core requirements. Courses are taught by adjunct Italian professors (Univ. of Bologna, Bocconi University) many of whom have either taught or completed doctoral research in the United States and are familiar with Americans forms of pedagogy. Continue reading